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10/1/2010 - Secada expands to larger offices in Madison.  Check our contact page for our new address.

9/1/2008 - Secada Consulting opens office in Ridgeland, MS.  Secada Consulting is pleased to announce the opening of their office in Ridgeland, MS.


"Using A/R Navigator is the safest and most profitable way for a bank to provide working capital to a growing business" - Bank President, A/R Navigator Customer.

  Cash Flow is the Problem

Usually, a company that is successful and growing will experience cash flow problems.  Providing a line of credit may fuel additional growth, but it will not speed up the payment of receivables.
  A/R Navigator is the Solution

A/R Navigator is an accounts receivable financing program that is proven to be safer than traditional lines of credit and much more profitable.  For most growing companies, receivables can be their primary asset.  The A/R Advance program enables a bank to safely allow a business to leverage that asset without incurring additional debt.

Why businesses choose A/R Navigator

Consider this ... Most business owners already offer quick pay discounts (2%, ten days) to accelerate cash flow.  The cost to your customers for using A/R Navigator can be less than 2%!

A/R Navigator assures the business that in exchange for a discount they will receive cash the same day!

How does A/R Navigator work?

A professional A/R Advance consultant will work with you to identify the best prospects for the program.  After a prospect has been interviewed and both you and the business decide that A/R Navigator is a good solution, the business will go through you standard process for credit approval.

A/R Navigator Requirements

A/R Navigator is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista and requires a Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005 Database Server.

References are available upon request.
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